Hi, we are Morton Valence from South London and are about 10 years old (band years).

We describe our music as 'urban-country', a term for taking old-style song narratives, relocating them to our own backyard and putting them through a left-field musical filter.

Our name comes from the Gloucester-based studio where we formed.

Whilst undergoing various incarnations along the way, the creative collaboration of Robert ‘Hacker’ Jessett and Anne Gilpin has been the one constant.

A former professional dancer, Anne is also a visual artist, recently having had her work exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts.

Our singles ‘Sailors’ and ‘Chandelier’ won us the Fopp/PRS Award for best new band leading to the release of the much coveted album ‘Bob and Veronica Ride Again’.

We were offered a number of recording contracts, but realised early on that cutting out the middleman and going directly to our fans was the way ahead, embarking on an early model of what is now referred to as crowd-funding.

We released a second album in 2011 entitled ‘Me & Home James’ on our own ‘Bastard Recordings’ label. The name is not used for shock-tactics, but simply refers to the fact that we’ve always regarded ourselves as outcasts from the mainstream music business.

We toured the UK and Europe and the U.S., played festivals like The Electric Picnic and The Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and have continued making albums to this day both as Morton Valence and our side-project band Black Angel Drifter, all of which have received glowing reviews in the mainstream press such as Mojo, Uncut, Q, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

Never being the type of band to shy away from a challenge, our last album was recorded in seven different languages, you could say it was a gut reaction to the Brexit result of 2016, covering songs by Gainsbourg, Kraftwerk, Jeanette and Plastique Bertrand.

We had mixed reactions to this album, not due to its artistic merits, but rather its overt political nature, albeit that we were attempting to make a positive statement and celebrate our love of European music rather than create agitprop, nonetheless we had some very nasty trolls, death threats etc., and feeling like we were banging our heads against a brick wall, we decided to simply escape.

And thus our forthcoming - and 7th - studio album entitled 'Bob & Veronica's Great Escape' is an exercise in blissful denial, wilfully breezy and escapist, we're fucked, and we don't a shit anymore, so let's just get lost and escape.